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Awesome Cannabis Web Design – 420 website breakdown

The cannabis and CBD industry is moving into a golden era with more states opting to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana. It is very rare to see a whole industry take shape and find its identity in such a short period of time as the cannabis industry is doing now. This is in part due to the fact that the industry as a whole is not new at all. Many legacy farmers paved the way for decades, and now with the passage of such legislation as Prop 64, the industry is soaring to new heights. The cannabis industry has been given a rare chance to give itself a complete makeover. With this comes the opportunity for us to study the current state of branding and online marketing in the United States.

In this article we take a look at some of the best cannabis web design of 2021 and the brands behind the designs. Read more below…

Celebrity cannabis brands

There are some celebrities who are synonymous with cannabis. While some try to hide their recreational use others build a brand around it and link their public image to the herb that we all love so much. Tommy Chong for example, built his entire career around smoking weed, starting as part of the hit comedy due from the 70’s “Cheech & Chong”. Who would have guessed that this goofy stereotype stoner would go on to build a successful cannabis brand and push the marijuana industry forward almost 50 years later?

Here is our list of celebrity websites that feature fantastic cannabis web design.

Marley Natural
Bob Marley

The design of the Marley Naturals website is as smooth as reggae music from the legend himself. The site is right in tuned with the profile of Bob Marley with its sun-faded colors and clear message. The logo and much of the branding is made by the high end Seattle design agency Heckler Associates and it’s clear that no expense was spared.

The large imagery and big bold lettering makes the navigation easy and the video in the header keeps the visitor interested past the initial excitement.


Bob Marley cannabis brand marley naturals

Leafs By Snoop
Snoop Dogg

Snoop D-O-dubble-G, another music legend who ventured into the world of legal cannabis sales. The sites’ gold, royal blue and palm green color scheme play in perfect harmony along with his logo and packaging. He is using classic sun-kissed California photography and a low word count to help the visitor focus on the essentials.

Click on any product image on the site to learn more about the product. Navigation does not have to be any more difficult than that.


Snoop cannabis brand leafs

Willie’s Reserve
Willie Nelson

Willie has been a spokes person for legalizing cannabis for decades. When legalization started happening in certain states like Colorado and Washington, he wasn’t slow to invest. The website is simple, clean and pure and that’s just what we like about it. California marketing agency Rival did a great job of summing up Willie Nelson in one simple yet beautiful website. Pay attention to the custom made fonts, dark colors and ease of use.


Willie Nelson reserve cannabis brand

Chong’s Choice
Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong has gone from being Americas favorite stoner (sorry Cheech) to being a rather sophisticated and classy gentleman. This is beautifully summed up in his website Chong’s Choice. Big bold sans serif lettering working in harmony with softer serif fonts. The store features his popular clothing line and is seamlessly integrated with the wordpress solution.


Tommy Chong cannabis brand choice
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    Cannabis brands

    Long before reaching their consumers, new cannabis brands must jump through many hoops and are confronted with major challenges. There are long lists of paperwork and legal hurdles to tackle in order to stay compliant with the new and ever changing legislation. Not to mention the fact that, while cannabis may be legal on a state level it still is illegal on a federal level.

    On the long journey of starting their brands, many are tempted to skimp on the web design and lose focus on the overall harmony of their branding. Others however, maintain laser focus on their end goal and developed amazing cannabis web design that goes hand in hand with their packaging, logo and products. This is our list honoring those brands.

    Green Unicorn Farms
    Hemp flower

    Green Unicorn Farms offers exotic and premium smokable hemp flower strains as both pre-rolls and hemp buds.

    Their website is easy to use and helps the visitor find and buy the correct hemp strain for their preferences. You can search by strain, indoor/outdoor, pre-rolls and even by terpene profile.

    The easy and clean website makes the buying process quick and simple which helps keep the conversion rate high. The use of green and bright orange/yellow guides the customer through the website all the way to the checkout.


    g 1

    Mirth Provisions
    Great use of videos and product use

    Mirth Provisions teamed up with Oregon design agency Sockeye to produce the branding of the entire company. From the logo to the bottles and sprays, Mirth is keeping their branding intact. The website is beautifully made focusing on a fun and creative video along with a theme using the characters from the video.

    They use white space perfectly which always keeps the design looking fresh and fun. Just take a look at the beautiful video clip from the “Legal drink” page.


    Mirth provisions great cannabis web design min

    Hmbldt Dose Pens
    Clean and beautiful design inline with the product

    Hmbldt Dose Pens is a great example of how to target the medical cannabis user. Their products are made to help their users feel better, more relaxed and peaceful and this is just what their website conveys as well. Soft colors along with videos of peaceful and calm moments spent in silence gives the visitor a fast read of the product even without reading the messages.

    Pharmaceutical companies need to learn from Hmbldt and their beautiful cannabis web design.


    hmbldt 420 website min

    Eat Cannavore
    Fantastic use of photography & touching your senses

    Feed your senses” is their tagline and that is just what they are doing with their website as well as with their confections. Once again it is the great use of  video and photos that make this website so beautiful. They are using soft fonts and are trying to remind us that it is in nature that we will find the best of treats. Go to their blog to see fantastic use of white space and crisp black fonts play in harmony. Good job Cannavore!


    cannavore 420 website great design
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      Altai Brands
      Clean and clear cannabis web design

      Altai Brands sell delicious high-end chocolates and caramels infused with marijuana. Just like the top chocolate makers in Switzerland, Altai is using a royal branding style with crowned animals and mountains. Gold and deep blue colors along with hexagon patterns is further establishing the quality of their “bon bons”.

      Their product photography is phenomenal.


      Altivore the art of cannabis brand

      True Humboldt
      Perfect harmony with packaging and apparel

      True Humboldt is taking a very futuristic and minimal approach to cannabis web design. They are using shades of blue and gray with highlights of strong green and red to direct the attention of their visitors. Humboldt is joining some of the other features on this list in using the THC hexagon in their designs.

      Just look at their product page for a great example of hexagon use.


      True Humboldt looks awesome

      Lola Lola
      Fun, colorful and unapologetic

      Lola Lola’s web design is fun, colorful and almost psychedelic. Look at how beautifully they are able to integrate so many colors into one single page. This is a great example of how to break all the rules of web design and still make it work. That takes talent and hard work.

      Note the unique characters that represent each of their products.


      Lola Lola 420 website is amazing min

      California Finest
      Big brand with California in its DNA

      Now this is how to take California street pride and put it on a web page. Everything from the artwork, the fonts and the color scheme just screams California. Strong, unapologetic colors and a big product line displayed right on the first page makes the visitor want to open up tabs and look closer at each individual product.

      At the bottom of the page they are featuring their CaliFinest TV. There they show how in touch they are with their target clientele.


      California finest website good design

      Hight Times
      Honorable Mention

      We just had to mention High Times Magazine. As a leading brand in the industry they could easily fall out of touch with the newcomers and lose some of their street cred but High Times are constantly innovating and refreshing their looks. Just look at how crazy and colorful their header is. Does any other industry leading magazine have the guts to do that? With so much information and articles being updated on their site every day it could easily get cluttered and difficult to navigate. However, High Times manages to keep their web design on point and continue to push the needle forward for the marijuana industry.


      High Times great cannabis web design min


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