Top 3 CBD joints and cigarettes of 2021

Best CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls of 2021

Since hemp was legalized back in 2018, CBD has exploded in popularity and access to different types of CBD products has increased rapidly to meet the demand.

If you enjoy smoking but don’t have the talent or time to roll your own hemp joints, then keep reading to find the best CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls available in the USA in 2021.

Our favorite CBD cigarettes and pre rolls of 2021

If you enjoy smoking CBD flower, then CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls are by far the easiest and most convenient way to buy and consume your CBD. Rolling your own CBD joints can be fun, but it’s not always worth the time and hassle, especially when you can buy them perfectly pre-rolled for you!

As expected, they do work out slightly more expensive than rolling your own, but they’re ideal for when you don’t have the time or inclination to roll and just want to enjoy the experience without any prep. Plus, it can be quite difficult to roll a perfect joint every time, even for the most experienced rollers out there. Luckily for us, all of the companies we’ve featured below have the rolling process down to an art form.

Plain Jane
Best CBD cigarettes of 2021 

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Plain Jane works with local hemp farmers in Southern Oregon to bring you some of the best quality CBD flower on the market at affordable prices. The company has a great reputation within the industry and we appreciate their passion for regenerative and sustainable farming methods.

One of the things we love about Plain Jane is that they have a really decent selection of CBD products to choose from. They even have multiple types of cigarettes available depending on your preference for full flavor hemp cigarettes, reduced smell hemp cigarettes, menthol CBD cigarettes, and even delta 8 cigarettes.

Their unique, reduced-odor hemp cigarettes are made by water curing the hemp during processing and are popular with people that want a more discreet smoking experience. However, our favorites are the full flavor hemp CBD cigarettes that offer a more classic cannabis taste and contain 72mg of CBD per cigarette.

Like traditional tobacco cigarettes, they’re packaged in boxes containing 20 hemp sticks in each and Plain Jane offers further discounted prices for bulk buys on cigarette cartons (containing 10 packets). Or, if you’re just curious to try them at this point or are more of an occasional smoker, then they also have their cigarettes available in miniature two-packs.

Unlike pre-rolls, which utilize a cardboard crutch or roach, these hemp cigarettes have a proper filter in them that makes them look more like traditional cigarettes, but they don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine.

Instead, they’re made from a blend of high-CBD flower strains, including Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy, which are all fantastic, uplifting daytime CBD strains.

We do love the blend, but it would also be nice to be able to choose from strain-specific cigarettes in the future. If you want your smoke to be more strain-specific (instead of being made from a blend), then you’ll find more choice in pre-roll format.

If you want the full filter experience that is offered in a CBD cigarette, over a cardboard roach, then Plain Jane hemp cigarettes are the best available for the time being.

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Green Unicorn Farms
Best CBD pre rolls of 2021

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Over the last couple of years, we’ve been lucky enough to try lots of hemp pre-rolls from Green Unicorn Farms and the smoking experience has never been anything short of delightful.

Green Unicorn Farms’ source their premium hemp from experienced farmers all over the USA, hunting down legendary strains that possess unique and potent cannabinoid and terpene profiles that offer a fantastic and flavorful user experience (no matter which strains you choose).

You’ll find all of your favorite classic strains, from Bubba Kush to Hawaiian Haze, as well as some more exotic chemovars, like Cherry Abacus. Our personal favorites are Elektra and Cherry Abacus, but your favorite may depend on what you hope to get out of your CBD experience as each one offers a unique taste and array of effects.

Luckily, Green Unicorn Farms has made your shopping experience easy, as you can find your ideal strains listed by effect (best for daytime or nighttime), or you can utilize their personal shopper tool that will ask you questions before making a recommendation of several strains that may be perfect for you.

You can order their smokable hemp pre-rolls in packs of two or five x 0.75g joints, and they even have special bundles for sale that allow you to try all of their different strains for a generously discounted price.

Once you have made your selection, these pre-rolls are delivered in quality, sturdy packaging to stop them from getting crushed in your pocket or bag while you’re out and about.

Their thoughtful packaging is also child-resistant and reusable, so you don’t have to worry about small children getting into them. Plus, when you do have time to roll your own, you can store them in the Green Unicorn Farms tubes and snap-pack containers to protect them until you get around to smoking them.

We found each pre-roll to be consistently and evenly packed (with no sideburn in sight) and they offer a smooth and flavorful smoking experience from start to finish.

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Botany Farms
Best kingsize pre rolls of 2021

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Botany Farms is another craft hemp supplier that is focused on providing clean, quality hemp flower to help people remain clear-headed and present throughout their day.

Botany Farms have a great range of tasty pre-rolls to choose from, but we particularly love their White CBG flower joints which promise to offer you a sense of calm, while remaining alert and active, making it a highly enjoyable daytime treat.

Before buying pre-rolls from Botany Farms, you should be aware that all of their pre-rolls are sold as single king-size joints. But they are beautifully crafted and presented in reusable and decorative tubes. We would also appreciate the option to buy packs of smaller pre-rolls which are more convenient for when you’re out and about, but kingsize joints are the way forward for those times when you’re sharing with friends.

The White CBG joint has a fairly modest CBG content of 10.5% (not the highest we’ve seen), but because the joint is so big, it packs a massive 126mg of CBG in each 1.2g king-size joint. We usually find that this one single joint is plenty to share between two or three people, leaving you all feeling nicely chilled, but still motivated to do something together.

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Secret Nature
Best delta-8 pre-rolls of 2021

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Secret Nature is a California-based artisan CBD supplier that has been growing high-CBD cannabis for over 10 years. They have delta 8 pre-rolls available for people that want to enjoy the highly pleasurable delta 8 experience but prefer the idea of smoking aromatic flower buds over vaping.

Their Delta 8 pre rolls are made with a special blend of their indoor Frosted Kush CBD strain mixed with high-CBG flower buds and then the delta 8 compound is sprayed over, offering a mellow, relaxed, and happy, herbal smoking experience.

One pack of pre rolls contains seven well-presented joints in a sleek and sturdy box to protect them from being crushed and they also arrive air-sealed, keeping them fresh and smell-proof while in transit. Each 0.6g joint has 185mg total cannabinoids, of which 45mg is delta 8.

All of Secret Nature’s products have a QR code on the packaging that you can quickly and easily scan, immediately gaining access to their third-party lab results verifying the purity and potency of the pre-rolls.

Once lit, these joints smoke evenly and perfectly every time and each hit produces thick smoke that is flavorful and smooth. These pre rolls receive rave customer reviews as they allow you to enjoy a happy and light THC buzz without any paranoia or any adverse effects that are sometimes experienced with delta 9 THC.

The effects are fairly long-lasting, so our favorite time to enjoy them is after a long day at work or post-errands when you have nothing left to do but wind down and relax.

It’s worth noting that not all CBD companies offer delta 8 CBD products like gummies and vapes and even fewer offer delta 8 in a pre-roll format like this. For this reason, the demand for effective and quality products like this is high and, unfortunately, this means that Secret Nature sells out of these pre-rolls very quickly.

If they’re available when you visit their site, we recommend that snatch them up quickly before they run out again!

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Unicorn Brand
Bonus item for connoisseurs

Unicorn Brand is an exclusive Delta-8 THC brand from Southern Oregon that specializes in federally legal, smokable D8 THC flower. They offer everything from moon rocks to keef and pre-rolled joints.

Their keef-rolled D8 THC joint (Unicorn’s horn) is a bonus item on this list because it will give you that little extra kick. If you down this entire 1 gram pre-roll you deserve a medal of honor. It is powerful, full of flavor and it knocks your socks off with the levels of D8 THC.

Order it today, thank me tomorrow..!

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