Best CBD for athletes 2021
Focus, recover and heal with CBD for sports

Best CBD for athletes in 2021

If you already know a little bit about CBD, then you’ll know that it possesses multiple beneficial properties for people with active lifestyles, which is why it’s rapidly gaining popularity in the sporting world.

However, with so many different products on the market to choose from it can be difficult to find products that are high quality, safe, and effective. But worry not, as today we’re going to help you find the best CBD for athletes, by sharing reviews of our top three favorites.

In this article, we’ll be looking at:

  • Best CBD oil for athletes
  • Best CBD gummies for athletes
  • Best CBD capsules for athletes
  • Why do athletes use CBD?
  • Which athletes use CBD?
  • Should you take CBD before or after a workout?

Top 3 CBD products for athletes

Unfortunately, not all CBD products are created equally, so it’s important to buy your hemp-derived CBD products from a trusted source to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

All of the products we recommend below are produced using organic, USA-grown hemp and have undergone comprehensive third-party testing to verify their contents and purity. You can access a certificate of analysis on their website by following the links provided.

Best CBD Oil for Athletes
Green Unicorn Farms

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“I’ve tried lots of the other big brands and none were anymore effective than this oil for anxiety, inflammation, sleep, or overall well-being. Difference is this is priced at about 50% less than those brands. I’m hoping the inevitable increase in popularity/demand doesn’t lead to a price increase.”  — Green Unicorn Customer

Our favorite CBD oil for athletes is this premium full-spectrum oil from Green Unicorn Farms.

I love the fact that the CBD and total cannabinoid content can be traced back to a single strain source (their current batch is extracted from their Lifter CBD strain). This means you know exactly where the CBD came from and provides you with a clear picture of which cannabinoids and terpenes will be present within the oil.

Being a full-spectrum product, you can also expect the best of the best when it comes to effectiveness (thanks to the entourage effect), but athletes competing in events that drug test for THC may wish to avoid using full-spectrum products like this. Although full-spectrum products contain only trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less), some professional athletes prefer to stick with broad-spectrum or isolate products in case the THC shows up in a drug test.

The CBD is blended with organic MCT oil and contains no artificial flavors or fillers, so it does taste a little hempy, but if you don’t like the taste then instead of dropping it under your tongue you can mix it into your protein shake or smoothie.

One of the best things about buying CBD in an oil like this is that it’s such a versatile product. You can even rub the oil directly into your sore muscles and joints after you’ve worked out.

The oil is only available in one strength, which packs a potent 50mg of CBD into one dropper, but you can choose from two different size bottles (30 or 60ml), depending on your budget and frequency of use. The dropper also has some handy markers on it that you can use to measure out smaller doses if you don’t need a full 50mg.

We’d usually expect a premium product like this to come with a hefty price tag, but this oil is also surprisingly easy on the budget!

🔔 Professional athletes should check with their commission to make sure that CBD and THC are allowed.


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Click Here For Lowest Price

“The sense of calm just settles over you. It’s like a switch. Wonderful product. Tastes good too.”  — Green Roads Customer

If you don’t like the natural hempy flavor of CBD oil and are looking for a tastier way to consume your CBD, then these gummies will be ideal for you. They are less versatile than CBD oil, but offer many other benefits, delivering a more consistent dose every time, plus you can take the dose more quickly and discreetly than you can with an oil and dropper.

Green Roads have received over 30,000 (!) five-star reviews for their products, so you know you can count on their effectiveness. Their gummies receive especially fantastic feedback for their taste, coming in a range of sweet and sour flavors, such as blue raspberry, lemon, cherry, green apple, and orange.

Green Roads’ Relax gummies come in two different strengths, containing either 10mg or 25mg of isolate CBD in each gummy. Their original formula Relax gummies have 10mg of CBD and their Extra Strength Relax Gummies contain the larger dose. If you’re new to CBD, then you should start with the lower strength option and only increase the dose if needed. They’re ideal to take before a big game or competition to help calm your nerves and improve focus.

If you’re looking for a formula that’s more invigorating, then they also have these Rise and Shine Immune Support Gummies that contain 25mg of full-spectrum CBD per gummy, as well as vitamin B12, vitamin C, and a powerful antioxidant elderberry extract.

On top of how delicious and effective Green Roads’ gummies are, we also like the fact that they’re available in smaller, trial-size packs. Purchasing just two or five gummies allows you to try them out without committing too much cash to the purchase.

Then once you’ve decided they’re working for you, they’re also available in a larger 30 count pack, to help you save money for more regular use, plus Green Roads offer really great subscription pricing.

🔔 Professional athletes should check with their commission to make sure that CBD and THC are allowed.


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Click Here For Lowest Price

“I am so glad I tried these soft gels! I’d originally just used the Nanocraft Pure soft gels but I love that these have curcumin in them. Really helps with muscle tension/soreness after a hard run or workout. I take them both during the day after a workout/run and before bed, and really notice a difference with less soreness and way better sleep.”  — NanoCraft Customer

If you’re looking for a discreet way to take your CBD, without compromising your diet plan and sugar intake, then CBD soft gels may be the best method of consumption for you to consider.

CBD soft gels are easy to take while you’re on the go and deliver an exact, consistent dose every time. When it comes to CBD capsules, we highly recommend that you try these CBD and curcumin soft gel capsules from Nanocraft.

Each bottle contains 30 vegan capsules that contain 25mg of CBD and 10mg of curcumin each. According to research, curcumin may help to manage and improve exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness. So CBD and curcumin are both fantastic ingredients for athletes as they can both work together to potentially help you recover from your workout faster and boost your future performance.

These Nanocraft soft gels use a broad-spectrum CBD extraction, meaning proprietary technology is used to remove any traces of THC, as well as chlorophyll and plant pigments, leaving behind only the beneficial cannabinoids and natural plant terpenes.

Those competing at a professional level don’t have to worry about any trace amounts of THC turning up in a drug test, allowing you to fully relax and concentrate on your performance.

Nanocraft’s products stand out from other products on the market as they contain a patent-pending, water-soluble formula of phytocannabinoid-rich oil that makes the CBD and other cannabinoids up to four times more bioavailable. This means that your body is able to absorb the cannabinoids more easily, so although these capsules are a little more expensive than some others on the market, they’ll also work that much harder for you.

🔔 Professional athletes should check with their commission to make sure that CBD and THC are allowed.


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Why do athletes use CBD?

CBD can be used before, during, and after working out. Some of the ways in which CBD can help athletes specifically include:

  • Fight inflammation and relieve pain
  • Help your body recover faster
  • Achieve better quality sleep
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Boost overall mood
  • Maintain focus during training
  • Improve digestive health
  • Weight management

Which athletes use CBD?

Since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its prohibited substances list back in 2017, many professional athletes, from a variety of sporting disciplines, have come forward as public advocates for CBD.

Some of the more outspoken athletes who openly use CBD include:

🥊 Fighters: Mike Tyson, Nate Diaz and Gina Mazany

🏈 American Football Players: Terrell Davies, Rob Gronkowski, Eugene Monroe, and David Ahrens

🏌 Pro Golfers: Lucas Glover, Charley Hoffman, and Bubba Watson

💪 Bodybuilders: Keiran Kevan and Tomas Wolfe

🏀  Basketball Players: Paul Pierce, Al Harrington, Jamal Mashburn, and Klay Thompson

🏉 Rugby Players: Dominic Day and George Kruiz

Should you take CBD before or after workout?

When you take your dose of CBD may depend on your sporting discipline, as well as what you hope to achieve from your CBD.

For example, the best CBD for golf players may be taken before a round of golf to help calm nerves and improve focus. On the other hand, a bodybuilder or marathon runner may benefit more by taking CBD after a workout to help speed up muscle recovery.

If you’re looking for a good CBD muscle rub for athletes then check out our “best CBD topicals” article here to see reviews of our favorite three topicals. You can apply topicals before or after working out to help relax your muscles before and/or fight inflammation after an intense session at the gym.

You may also find it beneficial to use CBD for sleep or anxiety as a way to recover faster and feel in a better mood overall.


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