Best Delta 8 THHC gummies
Top 3 Delta 8 THC gummies of 2021

Best Delta 8 THC gummies online

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of THC without any of the anxiety or paranoia that can sometimes go along with it?

If so, you’re not alone as that’s just one of the reasons why delta 8 products are making headlines. If you’re curious about trying this new loophole legal high, then stick with us as we help you find the best delta 8 THC gummies on the market.

Today, we’ll be reviewing products from:

  • Plain Jane
  • Botany Farms
  • 3Chi
  • Tillmans Tranquils (bonus)

Best Delta 8 THC Gummies: Our Top 3 Picks

There are plenty of delta 8 gummy retailers online but, in this highly unregulated market, not all products are created equal and it can be difficult to identify a premium quality delta-8-THC product among other low-quality products due to the sheer amount of choice available.

It’s essential that you buy your D8 products from a trusted source to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for, for content and safety purposes. All of the companies featured here, Plain Jane, Secret Nature, Botany Farms, and 3Chi, source their cannabinoids from organic hemp plants grown right here in the US and third-party lab testing verifies their product’s purity and potency.

Their delta 8 products are also tried and tested and have received enormous amounts of positive user reviews from very happy customers.

You will also notice that the best D8 products (just like cannabis THC edibles) come from CBD brands that focus mainly on smokable CBD flower. This is because they control the quality of the hemp from seed to sale.

Plain Jane Delta 8 Gummies
Best value for money

“These gummies have changed my life. I am in a much better mood and feel more relaxed. I recommend these to anyone. Half of one is usually enough for me.”  – Laura, Jun 2021

Oregon-based Plain Jane has a (well-deserved) great reputation in the CBD industry, especially for its premium quality CBD flower, but since delta 8 arrived on the scene they’ve also built up a large and successful line of delta 8 products, which includes these gummies.

All of their delta 8 gummies contain 25mg of delta 8 THC per gummy and Plain Jane offers customers a good amount of choice when it comes to package size and flavor. You can choose between three different delicious natural flavors, berry, grape, and lemon, as well as three different package sizes.

If you’ve never tried delta 8 before, then why not start off with a pack of five to see what you think of them? Then, once you’ve established that you like them you can choose between packs of 10 or even 50 to keep you going for longer. The gummies are very reasonably priced, especially when you are investing in the largest pack.

We really like the fact that these gummies contain natural ingredients, plus they’re 100% plant-based, making them suitable for everybody to enjoy.

Plain Jane recommends you start with a quarter of a gummy at first to see how you feel, slowly increasing the dosage over a number of days or weeks until you find your sweet spot.

You only have to spend $35 or more on their website to enjoy free shipping and you can also get 10% off your order by paying with cryptocurrency, or subscribe to their newsletter to receive discount codes. Unlike some companies, you can also return most unopened, unused products within seven days if you change your mind, although shipping costs are non-refundable.

They also offer mixed flavor delta 8 gummies with 1000mg of delta 8 in total (this is for 40 gummies, so each gummy is still 25mg), but the ingredients aren’t listed so we’re not totally sure if they’re vegan-friendly, or if they’re made with natural colors and flavors…

🔔 The gummies work well for anxiety


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Botany Farms Delta 8 THC Gummies
Flavor, quality and potency

Very surprised with the quality of this product vs others I’ve tried. I will be ordering these gummies for the foreseeable future!” Jeff, Aug 2021

Botany Farms is a Minnesota-based company that works with select micro-farms in the US, to bring their customers some of the best hemp flower America has to offer.

At the moment, their D8 gummies only come in a pack of 15, but a single gummy contains a more potent 30mg dose of delta 8, as well as 2mg of delta 9. However, the 2mg of delta 9 THC is still within the legal federal level limit of 0.3% and it makes these gummies some of the most potent, legal-THC gummies around, perfect for those looking for the highest THC relief.

These gummies are also 100% vegan and gluten-free and we’re sure that you’ll love the mixture of tasty tropical fruit flavors they come in, which includes peach, pineapple, and mango.

Note that vegan gummies almost always are more moist and melty than non-vegan gummies so prepare yourself for a sticky blob if you order in the summertime.

Botany Farms more boldly recommend that you start with half of a gummy at first and wait for at least an hour before taking any more. But they also recommend that you take their gummies at nighttime, so you can fully relax and enjoy the effects of delta 8 THC / CBD sleep gummies to the max.

In order to qualify for free shipping with Botany Farms, you do have to spend a larger $75, but you’ll be invited to save 15% off your first order right away.

🔔 These gummies are perfect for sleep


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The OG cannabinoid pioneers

“I slept like a baby the first night I tried these. Perfect for me.” Gary, Aug 2020

Indiana-based 3Chi is another well-established brand with a large and loyal following. The company spends a lot of time on cannabinoid research and development, so it’s not too surprising to find out that they were among the first to sell delta 8 products and are a leading distributor of delta 8 (and CBN) in the US.

Like the gummies from Plain Jane, 3Chi’s delta 8 THC gummies contain a more modest 25mg dose of delta 8 per gummy, but what sets these apart from the others is that 3Chi’s gummies are also infused with CBC and CBN, meaning you may also benefit from a synergistic effect of the cannabinoids working together (CBN makes you sleepy… 😴).

There’s absolutely no doubting these gummies’ effectiveness as they’re so popular, they actually have a tendency to sell out fairly often, so get them while you can!

They’re currently available in two different pack sizes, with 8 or 16 gummies per pack. (200 or 400mg of d8 respectively).

And the childproof bags that the gummies come in are nothing short of genius, as you have to push and hold your thumb against one side of the bag, holding it open, while pulling the other side out (ok, it’s hard to explain, but the point is you’ll be able to open it, but your young kids absolutely won’t).

Like the other two products that made it this best delta 8 gummies list, these gummies are 100% vegan and gluten-free and you can choose from two fruity flavors, black raspberry and watermelon. Unfortunately, they do use both natural and artificial flavors, but they’re probably the most delicious gummies on this list, with the black raspberry flavor being a firm favorite.

Another small downside is that you have to spend $99 on their site in order to receive free shipping, plus there is no money-back guarantee. All purchases are final and non-refundable (unless you receive a faulty product), so make sure you really want them before buying them as buyer’s remorse won’t be tolerated.

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Tillmans Tranquils
Honorable mention

We wanted to add in an honorable mention in Tillmans Tranquils. These are not gummies so they didn’t make the top 3 but the uniqueness and effect of these little suckers deserve a mention.

Tillmans produce D8 mints with 10mg THC each. While that might sound low, the magic of the delivery mechanism is what produces a much more powerful effect than expected.

Mint itself opens up blood vessels and helps the D8 enter the bloodstream quicker than gummies (which are processed by the liver). On top of that, the mints are meant to be melted in your mouth as opposed to chewed and swallowed which means that the D8 enters your blood through the vessels under your tongue.

This produces a faster and more powerful effect. Also checkout their new melatonin + CBD gummies for a perfect sleep formula.

🔔 For quick delivery choose Delta 8 mints


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The final verdict

We love the fact that you can get larger pack sizes from Plain Jane as it can save you a lot of money in the long run, but if we left the cost out of it, 3Chi’s D8 gummies are our overall favorites.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC has become incredibly popular over the last few months due to its similarity to delta 9 THC, the main cannabis compound that is responsible for getting its users stoned. Like delta 9, delta 8 is a form of THC, so if you’re wondering “does delta 8 THC get you high?”, then the short answer is yes.

If you look at the chemical structure of delta 8, you’ll see that it looks very similar to that of delta 9 THC, but with one difference. Delta 9 features a double bond on the 9th carbon chain, whereas delta 8’s double bond is on the 8th carbon chain (hence the names). This may sound like a very small difference, but the effect this has on each compound is huge.

The placement of the double bond in delta 8 THC, means that it has a much weaker affinity for bonding with cannabinoid receptors in our brain. This makes it a lot less potent and the psychoactive effects are less overwhelming than delta 9 THC, which makes it an attractive proposition to many people.

There is little research on delta 8 THC, but anecdotal evidence suggests that d8 products will make you feel happy and relaxed, but because the high induced by d8 is that much mellower, you can still have a clear head and zero feelings of anxiety or paranoia, which can come as a nasty side effect to delta 9 THC for some people.

However, depending on the dosage and your tolerance to THC, it can make you feel intoxicated, so we recommend you approach and dose with caution.

Are you interesting to more about federally hemp products that you can order online and get shipped straight to your door? Check out our guides to the best CBD for athletes here, CBD gummies for sleep and top CBD creams of 2021.


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