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Get to know THC-V and how it feels

What is THC-V and why it matters

2020 was the year of CBD (Cannabidiol) as you either heard about it, tried it in one form or another, or knew someone who had. Arguably the greatest gift to mankind, CBD definitely deserves to have made its way into the hall of cannabis fame, as no other compound can treat as many ailments in the human body as CBD can.

Everything from inflammation, to muscle pain, foot pain, epilepsy, depression, and menstrual cramps can be treated by ingesting, inhaling, or applying a CBD product. In fact, CBD is so overwhelmingly beneficial that it has, without a doubt, played an influential role in the exponential growth of the medical marijuana industry and the recent federal legalization of hemp cultivation.

But that was 2020 and now it’s 2021, and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) is quickly becoming the current cannabinoid to watch, in part because of the potential it has to disrupt the diabetes and weight loss industry.

Why are we interested in THCV at Cannaverse?

THCV has managed to catch the attention of the team at Cannaverse for a number of reasons. We’re fascinated by the scientific advances being made, we’re intrigued about what these advances promise for human health and wellbeing, but we’re also excited about how the gradual revelation of under-discovered cannabinoids opens doors to brand creativity and product innovation. If THCV is given as much attention as CBD was given last year, the cannabis industry could make another incredibly interesting shift, creating a new sub-genre for a new demographic.

We love being at the forefront of cannabis innovation and working with brands, growers, and manufacturers who are one step ahead of the rest. Doug Varin, for example, is a THCV vape brand that’s already picked up on the potential of this rare cannabinoid, and Rev Genomics, a company that focuses on the development of cultivars containing valuable bio-chemicals. Utilizing their D.A.F. breeding platform, they have discovered the gene pathways that unlock the expression of THCV in cannabis.

2018 was all about CBD. The profile of the cannabis industry’s answer to traditional pharmaceuticals truly skyrocketed last year, but there are so many CBD brands and commercial growers trying to get their products out there that there’s serious competition, even at the lower levels of the business chain. CBD is now a case of clever marketing campaigns and social media content that guarantees high impact. THCV, on the other hand, is at that point that everything is for the taking, and we find that truly compelling.

The quickly-saturated CBD market has shown how important it is to be the one who is leading cannabis industry innovations. It’s this dynamic quality that most interests us at Cannaverse. Putting a marketing strategy together for the newest line of THCV products to come out onto the market is the kind of challenge our carefully-selected team is trained to meet.

So, what does THCV do and where are the opportunities for innovation?

Over the past 70 years or so, cannabis’ reputation has suffered from a barrage of damaging myths and misinformed ideas. As studies continue into the 100+ cannabinoids that can be found and extracted from the cannabis plant, our knowledge of the plant and its many components is changing, laying to rest the myths and replacing them with scientific data that presents the cannabis plant in a highly positive light.

If we take a specific look at THCV, outdated assumptions have lead us to believe that consuming cannabis, in whatever form, leads to the famous increase in appetite, commonly referred to as the munchies. But as our knowledge of the many benefits and uses of this incredible plant expands, we’re seeing evidence to support the idea that THCV is actually an antagonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body. In other words, THCV is a cannabinoid which prevents the munchies. Products made from THCV extractions, therefore, have what it takes to reduce body fat, increase metabolism, and even encourage weight loss.

What’s even more interesting is that THCV has the ability to block the body’s rewarding sensations linked to eating different foods. In essence, studies have shown that THCV disengages the endorphin reward for eating uncontrollably. This is a monumental find. It counteracts the misinformed perception of cannabis consumption as an activity that gives you the urge to eat without purpose. THCV, if carefully extracted and used to create THCV-high products, has the power to eliminate the worry behind consuming cannabis and getting fat as a result.

Just imagine all the creative branding and product manufacturing opportunities that could be propelled into action when focusing on a cannabinoid of this nature.

What else have we discovered about THCV?

When looking at the research of this cannabinoid in more detail, it’s been proven that THCV is only mildly psychoactive, and causes more of a psychedelic, clear-headed experience, rather than one which takes away your control and ability to concentrate. The high from THCV also comes on quicker than that of THC, and it only lasts for about half as long as the famous THC high. The fast onset and quick dissipation of the THCV high makes it desirable for cannabis users looking for short-lived cerebral experiences. Think of it as the Ferrari of the cannabis world.

At the same time, studies into the effects of THCV show that it’s particularly good at counteracting negative feelings, including paranoia and short-term memory loss, brought on from a high that’s rooted in THC. It instills a clear-headed, stimulating buzz, that produces a noticeable burst of mental energy. It’s the kind of high that’s useful to people who consume cannabis during the day and who don’t want to be plagued with the feeling of being “stoned”.

THCV, the Space X of cannabinoids

The potential of these special characteristics for the development of new brands, new products, new experiences, and new reasons for incorporating cannabis into our lives, is what keeps the team at Cannaverse hot on the heels of THCV progress. THCV opens up a whole new galaxy of product opportunities.

Cannabis in 2019 is on its way to a whole new look and feel, with THCV deftly placed at the helm. If you’ve got a THCV brand or product that you need help launching, feel free to contact us. We’d be more than just a little interested in learning about your idea.


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