Your brand is how your product greets the world. It’s how it interacts with your customers online, on social media, with retail staff, and on the shelf. It’s important to create a consistent look, voice, and feel to facilitate and strengthen those interactions, which is why we always recommend taking the time to invest in a brand strategy early on.


Cannabis branding

We work closely with you to create a laser-focused brand manifesto and mission statement. Together we craft your brand values, supported by extensive market research and a detailed breakdown of the competitive landscape and target audience.

The strategy and planning will be a direct reflection of your vision for your brand, and will help guide every decision we make together. In essence, your strategy sets the table, your identity draws the crowd and your product keeps them coming back.

Logo Design

Your logo is your brand promise in visual form. It’s the most recognizable part of your business. For cannabis brands, it comes down to standing out without blending in.

Web Design

A successful cannabis website is simple, intuitive, smart, and highlights both brand philosophy and products while making it easy for customers to navigate.

Packaging Design

Cannabis packaging is quickly becoming the most impressive in the retail space. To stand out, your packaging should communicate your brand promise while meeting all current government and safety labeling requirements.

Brand Voice

Your brand needs to speak to your customers in an authentic and consistent voice that spans your communication from A to Z. It's your story, well told.

Brand Standards

Just like a human being, a brand needs to have rules, guidelines and boundaries for how it interacts with the outside world. A brand with character and principles is a must for longterm success.

The Details

Branding is a red line that runs through your business. We will help you button up all the details so you can move into the future with full confidence that all branding assets are consistent and on point.

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