Cannabis Consulting

As the cannabis industry grows, there is an increasing need for business advice from the businesses and people who have gone through the hurdles of starting and running a successful cannabis venture.


Learn from those who paved the way

We work with you to understand and translate your vision into an impressive business plan. That includes working closely with you to produce the content for the cannabis specific business plan. We cover everything from market research & analysis, marketing & sales strategies, operations, key milestones and financial forecasting.

All of this information, along with your company’s unique branding, is used to create a customized investor pitch deck, that tells your whole story is an easy-to-digest manner for potential investors.

Audit & Strategy

First we set a baseline for what your business goals are and what you are doing currently. Then we can asses which type of business consulting will have the biggest impact on your objectives.

Key Results

Once we have a clear grip of your objectives we can carve out the key results that will measure how to get there without getting distracted by the noice that come with being a brand executive.


Follow up and accountability is key to reaching your objectives. We will help you take full ownership of the direction that your business is moving in while helping you navigate the ever-changing waters of the cannabis industry.

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