How can CannaVerse Solutions help you improve your online presence?


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Cannabis SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of making a website show up in search results for specific search terms and phrases. The process involves optimizing the code and structure of your website in order to make it understandable for search engines as well as optimizing the content of your website to reflect specific and strategic keywords.

We always start on the development side by making sure that the code follows best practices. Meanwhile, the SEO department does keyword research to find the best strategy to get your website seen by your target market in the quickest way. For new companies we usually start by targeting the low-hanging fruit and when your domain has gained some authority we focus on the most lucrative keywords.

SEO is a long-term strategy that requires constant upkeep but for those who are willing to go the distance, the rewards are great. For more in-depth information take a look at our cannabis SEO guide for dispensaries.


Our team of SEO experts and content creators is always studying how cannabis customers perform online searches. Which keywords get the most searches and what is the competition like for those keywords. But SEO is about more than just adding those keywords in strategic places. It’s about giving your target market exactly what they are searching for and serving it to them in an easily digestible and fun way.


Before starting a project we sit down with you to discuss goals then we use those goals to reverse engineer your success. Today, much of your online success is based on how much traffic you have. We maximize your amount of visitors by working with a long-term approach that targets your most lucrative and competitive keywords as well as a more direct “long-tail” approach which answers your clients direct needs.


Statistics show that the top 3 results on search pages get around 70% of the traffic. That, as well as the steady increase in monthly searches for cannabis related products gives you great opportunity for future growth if work on your SEO. With a top ranking for your main keywords and a properly setup sales funnel that turns visitors into costumers will make your business flourish.


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