Co-Packing for CBD eCommerce

So you’re eCommerce store is booming but you are caught in the vicious cycle of keeping up with fulfilment and inventory management so your sales plateau. We can help you manage all CBD co-packing and fulfilment needs from manufactured goods to smokable CBD flower.


Speed and reliability when it matters the most

Keeping up with order fulfilment and inventory management can get very difficult and costly for eCommerce brands in the CBD space. High volatility and specific storage and packing needs force most brands to fall back on hiring staff and running an in-house warehouse.

But running a warehouse puts a lot of added stress on you as a business owner since you need to take on more costs and manage more staff.

Our CBD specific co-packing and fulfilment solutions are custom made for CBD and hemp flower brands that are shipping +500 orders per month and need a scalable option for everything from inventory management, storage and delivery.


Manage your product inventory, packaging material and re-order points with a dedicated warehouse person who knows your brand and products inside-and-out.


Get your end products into the right packaging in a USDS food compliant facility at scale. Doesn't matter if it's labels on bottles, packing pre-rolls or trimming and bagging smokable flower.

Shipping & Delivery

Give access to your shipping account (Shopify, ShipStation, Shippo etc) and a dedicated warehouse employee takes care of getting the order picked, packed and shipped.


Have your inventory controlled for quality to CBD experts as soon as it arrives on-site.


All your products are stored in climate controlled rooms with 24 hour security. If you have bulk products that require additional packing, it gets co-packed in a separate USDA food certified building on-site.

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