Rapid Idea-Generation & Concept Development

The speed of disruption and innovation is constantly accelerating in the cannabis marketplace, and the time we have to get our new ideas to market before the competition is getting shorter and shorter.

That’s why we condense 6+ months of work into a highly focused week with your team and our trained cadre of outside experts to generate a wide range of possibilities for: compelling new products, brand positioning, stories and naming, packaging ideas and even creative problem-solving for cost savings or profit building possibilities.


Save money & accomplish months of work in less than a week

Using the same creativity tools and disciplined design thinking used by Fortune 500 organizations to quickly develop concepts and save hundreds of thousands of dollars, our Master Facilitators work hand-in-hand with your team to generate the breakthrough concepts you need… compressing multiple time-consuming steps into 5 days or less.

Customize Your Process

We begin with a clarifying needs assessment with you and your key stakeholders to determine the best process for your particular needs. Once you sign off on the process objectives, design, timing and budget, we set up all the logistics leaving you free focus on your job.

Select the Right Mix of Talent

We recruit a team of 5 – 8 industry aficionados and everyday consumers, growers, budtenders, marketing & branding professionals, expert facilitators, and a variety of trained “imagineers” to help stimulate your team’s creative juices. We call our network of original thinkers Cannabis CreativesTM.

Ideation & Concept Development Sessions

The facilitators, Cannabis CreativesTM and your team come together to develop breakthrough concepts that meet your objectives. Over the course of 4-5 days, we generate hundreds of possibilities, cull down and clearly define the 6-8 of highest interest, develop concept boards and then refine the most promising ones based on consumer feedback.

Key Results

Compelling concepts infused with the best thinking of consumers, industry experts and your team that are either ready to take confidently into production, R&D prototyping or quantitative consumer research. And, before adjourning on the last day, we help you develop next steps, timing and responsibilities to ensure efficient and inspired follow through on your project.

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