How can CannaVerse Solutions help you improve your online presence?

Websites & E-commerce

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Site design and discovery grow business and customer base.

We build sites that are not only attractive to people but also algorithms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of our approach, without sacrificing anything for simple, responsive design. Engaging content powers our conversion optimization for turning visitors into customers.

We apply our market research and brand strategy at a grassroots level, all the way through mass-market communications.


Responsive web design is the price of entry for creating sites today. This means that your site is created to display optimally on all devices. Not only is this critical for the experience of the customer, but also because search engines have adjusted their algorithm to favor sites that are responsive.

Your customers’ experience on your website is critical to success. Responsive websites are easier to navigate, find, and maintain regularly since you only need to work on one website instead of different mobile and desktop versions.


The coding of your website greatly affects your search engine rankings. Web designers often focus too much time making a new website look good but neglect SEO best practices. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing see through different eyes than we do. We create a structure and back-end using only the most current best practices.

We build sites from scratch, taking special consideration for search engines, ranking factors, keywords, and navigational structure, all while making it work and flow beautifully.


Your website is the first impression many people experience with your business. It’s important that it be functional and intelligent, but it must also convey the DNA and core values that your brand stands for. We create each and every website from the ground up, always taking your objectives and brand personality into consideration.

You will have a dedicated project manager available around the clock in case you need any changes, edits, removals, or additions. Your website is a living creature, and we are available 24/7 to make sure it stays healthy and happy.


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