How can CannaVerse Solutions help you improve your online presence?


Because first impressions matter

Your marijuana website design and ease in discovery is what will build and maintain your business and customer base.  Billboards and yellow pages are quickly becoming marketing relics. Now customers go straight to the Internet to find what’s new in the word of cannabis and marijuana. With the amount of competition and savvy customers out there, you need to rise above the rest with a custom look and style provided by people who have worked in this industry for over two decades. CannaVerse Solutions has the marketing experience and knowledge of the cannabis industry that separates us from every other cannabis marketing agency out there.

At CannaVerse we create completely custom marijuana website designs for dispensaries, growers and clinics based on their customer demographic, business’s style, and the creative eye of our design team. We provide a fresh, new, and dynamic website that is optimized for all platforms and devices, allowing customers to find and contact you from their laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet.

Whether you offer a service, a product, or both.  Your website will convey that to your customers in a way that they understand and with components and structure that increases conversion so the casual visitor becomes a repeat customer.

It’s important to work with a marketing agency that knows your business is more than just balance sheets – it’s a lifestyle and a brand with a vision.  CannaVerse Solutions works with you to shape your image, and get your story out to the customers who are looking for it.


Responsive web design is the premiere method for creating sites today. This means that your site is created to display optimally on all devices, from a laptop or desktop, to a smartphone or tablet. Not only is this critical for the experience of the customer, but also because search engines have adjusted their algorithm to favor sites that are responsive.

We only create responsive designs. This is because we know how many customers search and navigate online from their phones and tablets. Their experience on your website is critical to your business success. Responsive websites are easier to navigate, to find, and also to maintain and adjust regularly since you only need to work on one website instead of different mobile and desktop versions.


The coding of your website greatly affects your search engine rankings. Web designers will often time focus too much on making your new website look good but neglect SEO best practices. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing see your website through different eyes than a human being. For that reason the structure and markup in the back-end has to follow certain best practices.

At CannaVerse we build your website from scratch taking into consideration search engines, ranking factors, keywords and navigational structure while making your new website look amazing.


Having a new website built is an exciting experience. In many cases your website is the first impression people get from your business. We also know the importance of maintaining your business philosophy, history and soul in the design. For that reason we create each and every website from the ground up, always taking your wishes into consideration.

You will have a dedicated project manager and around the clock phone number to call in case you want to have anything changed, edited, removed or added. You can rest assured that when your new website is up and running it will be one to be proud of.


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