Cannabis packaging

Cannabis product packaging covers everything from labels, QR codes, variable data stickers, point of sale and display boxes and much more. We have all your packaging sourcing and design needs covered from start to finish.


The packaging process

Legally compliant packaging for joints, flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals and anything else you sell has to stand out on the shelf. Packaging is an expression of your brand promise. It’s your sales team in the field.

Every detail, from design, material, and printing technique is an opportunity to build a connection with your customer and add to the value of your brand.

We work with a number of vendors to produce top quality jars, labels, boxes, bags, and tubes. We also build custom in-store displays and dispensary presentation boxes and marketing material.

Whether you are starting from scratch, redesigning existing packaging or you just need help with compliance – we can guide you through the process and make sure your product lands on the shelf looking perfect.


The materials and printing techniques that go into your packaging create a powerful impression that is both visual and tactile. We source and work with only premium quality printers and inks to create attention-grabbing packaging that stands out on the shelf, and looks and feels good in your customer’s hands.


Our goal is to make your packaging so beautiful that customers will want to collect and keep it even after enjoying the product. Our skilled team of designers and copywriters work hand in hand with each client to design and produce packaging that reflects each client’s unique offering.

Fulfilment & Production

The most beautiful packaging in the world is worthless if it’s not efficient. We take extra care to ensure that your packaging will not only look great, but will be easy to fill with your product and apply any additional labelling. We aim to reduce the number of steps it takes to fill each package and get it on the shelf.

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