How can CannaVerse Solutions help you improve your online presence?


Share your story and build your brand using social triggers

Whether you’re promoting a specific event, launching a new product, or just trying to increase audience engagement with your brand, CannaVerse will help you optimize your dialogue via social media through a personalized assessment and training plan, built around reaching your goals.

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing can be easier on your wallet than other marketing channels, but you have to pay to play if you want the best results. So, it’s most effective to have someone in your corner who knows how to maximize the impact and results of your message while minimizing the cost. Our social media team has years of combined experience building and implementing ad campaigns across multiple platforms, using strategies designed to boost your existing organic reach, precision-target new audiences and meaningfully interpret results.

Our team regularly adjusts ads throughout the duration of the campaign to make sure we are getting the desired results and staying within the predetermined budget. Whether you’re a small business looking to boost your exposure or an event promoter trying to push your ticket sales, our team can help you with everything from audience development, to messaging strategy, to ad creation.


With over 2 decades in the cannabis industry our web of connections run far and wide. We love making connections between our clients and affluent people in the cannabis word as well as fitting brands with complimentary products. By teaming up with “influencers” we offer you a much more direct and organic advertising approach than any paid advertising campaign can do.


At the center of social media is the communication that you have with your costumers. We open up constant dialogs with them using various techniques and strategies that ensure that your brand keeps on the right track and is serving your clients according to your objectives.


Cannabis advertising on social media is still a tricky question. The big platforms have strict policies against recreational drugs and marijuana falls very much into that category. However, there are other ways of advertising on social media that are lesser known and often times more effective. How does that work you ask…?  Call us to find out.


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