Video Production

Whether you want to share big news, introduce your brand or help your customers navigate life, a video allows you to create a visually stunning story arc where your “hero” makes the world a better place.

So the question is, who’s the hero of your brand story?


The video process

Video is one of the most engaging forms of brand communication, particularly via social media but it also gives you an easy-to-digest piece of content that will represent your brand across multiple channels.

As such, our team offers a range of solutions for the generation of video content that
can be used at expos, on websites, in mailings, on social media, and more.

Our capabilities cover all your needs for: commercials, brand films, founder films, branded documentaries, product videos, explainer videos, influencer content, unboxing and how-to’s, product and lifestyle photography and social media content.


Why and for whom are you creating the video? By setting the objective first we can map out the path to go there on time and on budget.


We imagine how the scene looks, find examples and inspiration and arrive at an overall look and feel of the finished product.

Write the script

We craft a script with emotion and authenticity while speaking to your core customer and conveying a clear message without "fluff". It's not easy but we love doing it!

Casting & Location

Next we need the right cast and locations to shoot the video. We work on location, in studios and anywhere in between.

Shooting the Video

Once all the pieces are in place, we go into production with a full day or multiple day shoot in which we capture all the footage needed for your video.

Post Productio

Edits, lighting, audio, background music and much more is pieced together in the post-production. This is where the magic happens and where you receive your final product.

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