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About the brand

California cannabis delivery for when you want to GetHerb without the hassle is an exciting DTC cannabis delivery company that was born of its founders’ decades-long experience in the cannabis industry. Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, they saw legacy producers struggle to survive in a retail environment dominated by dispensaries.

Cannaverse Solutions is proud to team up with in their mission to give legacy producers a voice and a path to market without bending to big cannabis.


Our process

Naming and branding that speaks volumes in only a few words

When approached us, they had a dynamic idea but needed expert guidance to bring it to life. Our first task was helping them craft their brand identity, starting with the name. We brainstormed together and landed on – a name that's succinct, memorable, and conveys the brand's purpose without being long and complicated.

Once we had the identity set, our focus shifted towards building the infrastructure. We leveraged our extensive network in the cannabis industry to connect with reputable manufacturing and delivery partners. These partnerships were crucial in laying the groundwork for's operational success.

The final stage of our collaboration with was in designing the brand. We aimed to create a visual identity that was compelling and unique yet resonated with the cannabis market. Our design team worked closely with to craft an aesthetic that was modern and appealing, while still paying homage to the brand's roots in the cannabis industry. homepage Brand Page

The outcome

Ready for California and beyond

Our holistic approach has allowed to successfully launch their service, taking them from a novel idea to a fully functional, market-ready cannabis delivery service that is operating in California with hundreds of drivers and thousands of products.

Their state-of-the-art technical infrastructure is scalable and ready for expansion into new markets.

We are proud to help transform their dreams into reality and we are excited to further our relationship and make a unique mark on the cannabis industry.

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