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Green Unicorn Farms

Client: Green Unicorn Farms
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Project brief

Completely rebrand GU Farms to give the brand a more sophisticated and timeless look.

Although Green Unicorn Farms is a fairly new brand, their look could use a touch-up in order to stand out as a more sophisticated and classic look. Their logo and packaging did not match the brand manifesto and didn’t translate into a company profile that would work longterm.

The fact that a brand called Green Unicorn Farms didn’t have a green unicorn in the logo also felt like a missed opportunity to connect words and imagery.


Our process

We started with the logo and worked our way into developing packaging and a new website.

We knew that we had to get the logo and style guide completed before we could start on any other design work. We looked at timeless and classic logos with unicorns and horses to get inspiration for a logo that would stand the test of time while being bold and unique.

We began by establishing the position and color variations of the unicorn along with a font that wouldn’t make edits or future design variations too complex. After narrowing in on a few concepts we nailed down the final logo and created color variations that would work on any background.

Then we updated the packaging to a clean dark look with color coordinated strain stickers that are easily updated when new products are released. After that we completely rebuilt the website, email signatures and branding material to match the new brand standards.

The outcome

Green Unicorn Farms is one of the leading brands in the hemp flower industry.

With the updated look, Green Unicorn Farms has established themselves as one of the leading brands in the industry. With cohesive and top-notch branding they can let their premium quality products shine from the moment they are first laid eyes upon.

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