Native Humboldt Farms

Client: Native Humboldt Farms
Services: Full scope of services

Project brief

History and heritage wrapped up in luxury

Native Humboldt Farms is a heritage farms with roots that run far deeper than the industry of cannabis. Native Humboldt is founded by Lindsey, a Native American woman who has been cultivating for over a decade on the property that has been in her Native family since the 1800’s.

We were tasked with bringing the brand into the luxury cannabis space with new packaging, logo and branding work. We needed to sum up generations of history in one concise brand.

Our process

Honest, deep and generational

The brand story was the Northern start that guided us to each branding decision. Soft touch packaging with different colored water-color pallets created a unique, feminine and luxurious touch.

The logo is a tribal homage to the ancestry and history of the land that the cannabis is grown on.

The outcome

Visual storytelling with the founder leading the way

We went to Humboldt to film a heartwarming and genuine video of the farm, the people, the story and all the magic that surrounds the brand.

Narrated by the founder we get to peek inside a farm tucked away in the mysterious mountains of Humboldt county.

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