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Client: Organitek
Services: Full scope of services

About the brand

Organitek is slicing prices on cannabis nutrients and microbes by cutting out the middle-man

Cannaverse is proud to offer a full scope of services to Organitek in their mission to revolutionize the cannabis nutrient market with its direct-to-consumer strategy.

By eliminating the need for expensive distributors and intermediaries, Organitek is able to offer their nutrients, additives, and flagship microbial inoculant Amplify at a fraction of the cost of competing brands.

Oh, and growers can finally order their favorite nutrients online without going to a grow store!

We help Organitek in catering to both professional and hobbyist growers so they can focus on producing the best inputs possible to achieve maximum yield, intensified terpenes, and enhanced flavors without breaking the bank.

This approach redefines affordability and quality in cannabis cultivation, proving Organitek’s commitment to empowering every grower.


Our process

We optimized the website for a better consumer experience and then layered in education to help growers find the right product

We completely redesigned and restructured Organitek’s website in order to give customers an easier and smoother shopping experience. We integrated Klaviyo (email marketing) to make the pre-and-post-purchase communication seamless and automated.

We also connected a more modern review platform that would automate getting verified reviews after a purchase.

As development on the website and marketing channels was going on, we performed a complete keyword research and SEO documentation that now forms the foundation of Organitek’s content, growth, and outreach strategy.

Organitek Homepage
Organitek product page Amplify

The outcome

Changing the way growers shop for nutrients

With an updated look and messaging that communicates to both commercial and home growers, Organitek is already getting traction with an increase in organic traffic, sales and commercial leads.

The scalable technology will allow the brand to scale and be flexible with their future objectives.

Cannaverse Solutions is proud to work closely with Organitek to help re-shape how growers shop for nutrients.

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