Programmatic Advertising

As a cannabis or CBD brand you may feel at a disadvantage since most social media and search engines don’t allow you to advertise (although there are ways around it). With programmatic advertising you get back into the driver’s seat and can prospect and retarget your ideal customers using technology.


Getting started with programmatic ads

A programmatic ad campaign uses cutting-edge technology to target, prospect and retarget your ideal customers on the platforms that they already browse everyday. Your ads are served to known buyers who match your target customer whether that be a demographic, psychographic or even based of past shopping behavior.

The results — A steady stream of new customers land on your website every day. The ones who start or complete a purchase enter into your ecosystem where email marketing turns them into loyal fans, and the ones who show interest in your ads without buying are retargeted with new ads until they bite on the offer.


We decide on a main objective with each one of your ad campaigns. The objective will guide us in everything from the target audience to the ad creative, landing page and core offer.

Target Customer

Since programmatic ads are highly targeted it is important to have a clear target customer in mind before getting started. When we have the audience mapped out, all we need to do is hunt them down.

The Offer

Each campaign needs to have a strong core offer. A reason strong enough for people to choose your over all the other noice on the web. We will help you build an offer that people can't refuse.

Ad Creation

Designing ad creative is an art that is very different from other creative work. It needs to stand out and catch the eye without being too over-the-top and explain big ideas in few words.

Landing Page

This is where you convert a curious browser into a paying customer (and ultimately a glowing fan). A strong landing page speaks to urgency and emotion while making the customer feel like they are getting the long end of the stick.

Analysis & Improvement

Any successful campaign needs analytics, refinements and testing at every step of the funnel. We split test everything from audience, creative, offer and landing page to make sure that your return on ad spend is as high as possible.

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